"I want to start a Shopify store but it's SO confusing. Can you help me?"

"Yes! Let's do it in 5 steps."

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The best stores

Contact me at any point if you're stuck!

Start the trial.


Login to your store. Fill out all of the necessary information about your store/business (store name, address, contact information, etc).

Give it a unique name.

Go to Purchase the domain you want ($1 per month usually). Choose something short and catchy. Some cool alternatives to ".com" are .tech .photo .io or .ly
Click "My domains" and click the domain you purchased.
From here you can click to login to shopify and the domain will automatically transfer over.
In Shopify, click "Online store" then "domains." You should have the ability to change the domain now!

Designs to make it

Method One - Pick a theme for your store. Click "Online Store" then click "Themes" then click "Visit Theme Store"

Method Two - For custom sites with no coding knowledge: I highly suggest downloading the app "buildify ($12/mo)." This method allows you to drag and drop widgets where you want them on your page. No coding required!

Method Three: Hire a designer like myself to either write a custom code for your website or design a website using buildify.

What are you selling?

Now we have a custom domain name & a custom design on our website. We need to tell the world about our products/services.

For selling services, create a form on your website that a customer can opt in to (can be done with code, buildify, or a contact app in the Shopify App Store.)

For selling products, click "Products" then click "Add Product". When entering product descriptions, make the customer really understand WHY this product solves their problem. Don't use a default text. Make sure to organize your groups of products by creating a collection. For example, t-shirts, sweaters, shoes, etc. This way when you click the "shoes" collection on your store, you will only see your shoe products.

Lastly, click "Online Store" and go through the taxes & shipping settings. Consult a tax expert if you're confused on how you should collect taxes in your area. Shipping settings can be custom set by weight, price amount, etc.

Test your store!


Think from your customer's perspective and visit your store. Test out every button and function your store is supposed to perform. Process orders, process forms, try to contact the store, etc.

Remove any passwords on your store & make sure you have a real time chat functionality integrated into your store.

*This is an affiliate link. Which means I receive a commission for helping you.
This helps me continue helping people!

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