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My success story & why I want to help you.

This business started with no dollars and a dream.
I felt like my life had more purpose than just going to a 9-5 everyday.

So I launched one "sponsored post"

From a wedding video I shot for a close friend. That video got slammed with comments and reactions and then..

..my unique strategy for advertising was born.

228,000 Views, 680 comments 450 shares

70,000 views, 400 comments 75 shares

Now I work 30-35 weddings per year.

I thought to myself, "I have a lot of free time, why don't I help other entrepreneurs & business owners do the same thing?"

So now I am.


100,000 view guarantee

We will plan a video that will entertain, educate, and sell your customers.
We guarantee 100,000 potential customers will see your message.

Entire management package

When we build/rebrand your website, manage your advertising, and create your video content, we make sure our pricing is cheaper than going through 3 different companies.

Ask us about additional discounts!

So, what else can we do?

We are the "everything media" agency, anways.

website development

-Full Website Builds
-Single Sales Pages (Landing Page)
-Data entry

Content Strategy

-Content calendar planning
-Monthly shoots
-Quarterly campaigns

Professional photography

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