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  • local targeting

We use our specific ad targeting to find a bride and groom in your area. Which means we are bringing the gigs to you. We try to keep the gigs within an hour or two of your location.

  • Trust a pro

We've worked with hundreds of clients across the United States. We understand this industry because we are a part of it. We are a collective of creatives/marketers.

  • You have options

There is absolutely no obligation to accept any gig. We simply provide your contact information to brides looking for help in your area, the rest is up to you. 

  • Stay Busy

We are getting more wedding leads every single day, which means you will always have wedding opportunities coming to you.

  • be stress free

By trusting us to find weddings, you can spend less time booking gigs and more time making money. We have got your back!

  • No upfront cost

We collect a small percent of the gig cost to keep our marketing budget going. This allows us to continue helping other creatives. We aren't going to charge you upfront. 

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